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A name that brought under its umbrella quality services in key sectors, Salman Corporation LLC is the proud parent company of numerous leading businesses in Oman and UAE. A conglomerate that includes verticals like retail, distribution and exports, F&B and e-commerce, Salman Corporation has introduced to the local market and given birth to few of the most powerful brands. With over 400 dedicated professionals in the field of Marketing, Sales, IT, Operations, Human Resources, Accounting and Finance, the company has the right manpower coupled with 5 decades of industry knowledge, understanding and long-standing business ties.

Vision Statement
  • Vision Statement To the standard in Oman for customer service & shopping experience and help Customers to improve and enjoy their HOMES and their LIFE STYLES.
Values & Benefits
  • Quality in everything we do.
  • Exceed customer expectations.
  • Trust, respect and integrity in all our relationships.
  • Team work and open, honest communication.
  • Rewarding work environment for our people and sharing with them the company‚Äôs success.
  • Giving back to community
Mission Statement for our customer
  • Provide excellent service to our customers as they deserve nothing less.
  • Work in partnership with our customers, listen to them, understand their needs and be responsive to them.
  • Provide enjoyable & Comfortable shopping environment in all our stores.
  • Provide enjoyable & Comfortable shopping environment in all our stores.
Mission Statement for our employees
  • Creating open and participative environment which encourages positive change, rewards innovation and provides growth, security and opportunity to all our employees.
  • Increase empowerment and personal accountability.
  • Reward high performance and innovation.
Mission Statement for our suppliers
  • Develop close relationship with our business partners, treating them with fairness and respect, enabling them to support our commitments to our customers.
Mission Statement for our shareholders
  • Balance short and long term objectives to optimize profitability, and develop dominant market position through effective use of human capital and material resources.
Board of Directors
Maqbool Salman Chairman
Abdul Munam Salman Managing Director
Nada Maqbool Salman Director
Mustafa Ahmed Salman Director