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The Story

You can never have enough of, get over or be too old for pizzas; especially not crispy, crackery, tangy signatures slices of the best made pizzas ever from Pizza Inn. When we acquired the franchise for this international and much loved American brand, we knew what we were getting into. We were committing to serve a nation whose love for flavors would have them cheering for more.

Why Pizza Inn?

Pizza Inn pizzas created a sensation way back in 1958 when two Texas brothers opened the first Pizza Inn across from the Southern Methodist University campus in Dallas. As word spread of the restaurant’s exceptional pizza and friendly service, so did Pizza Inn locations. In no time, it had become a brand in itself, a brand that has over three decades of loyal customers for who pizzas are defined by Pizza Inn.

Their trademark crispy, crackery Original Thin crust, and tangy signature sauce are still hallmarks of the Pizza Inn brand today and these flavors have been enticing the taste buds across the world and through generations.

We simply fell in love with their journey to success and in (year) we embarked on our own journey with Pizza Inn in Oman.

The Pizza Inn Oman Story

We idolized the success route that Pizza Inn had taken when they first started and followed the same footsteps at a country level in Oman. Salman Corporation LLC joined hands with Mohd Juma Sultan Co and Takamul National Company LLC was born. Benefitting from the extensive knowledge and understanding of Omani market on one hand and the advantage of strong industry contacts, long-standing relations and abundant resources on the other, Takamul proudly introduced Pizza Inn to Oman. In (year), we opened our very first Pizza Inn outlet in one of busiest streets in Muscat -Ruwi. With customers pouring in and applauding our lip-smacking menu, it wasn’t long before, amongst much cheer, Pizza Inn inaugurated two more branches in prominent locations of Qurum and Al Khuwair. Spreading the joy of great pizzas, we established our presence in the city of Amerat and then advanced further to cover Rustaq. Today our signature red and black colored logo finds its presence in leading malls, at convenient junctions and in posh complexes. Delighting customers across the nation, the Pizza Inn Oman, Salalah Garden Mall outlet has the capacity to singularly cater to the extensive population in the region. As Muscat expanded its boundaries, so did we; thus opening two new outlets in the capital in Al Khoud and Ma’bela.
The secret to our success in the local market is simple. We constantly undertake to understand the evolving market and its demands. Pizza Inn has always maintained a close, warm and cordial contact with its customers. Simultaneously, we strive to keep up to the same standards practiced globally.

The Experience

Reflecting our motto – Love Life, Love Pizza, our walls are adorned with photos of good times at Pizza Inn. Our photo galleries itself serve as positive testimonials from thousands of happy customers. Over the years, we have come up with drawing competitions for the kids, introduced buffet lunches and conducted dozens of campaigns in response to the pizza desires of the community.Life soars through every one of our branches, with pleasing staff, great ambience (in red and black of course) and fun music. And of course! Ask a child about our official mascot Jojo; he’s been a much loved soul to all. At Pizza Inn Oman, we have definitely done our part to keep the taste buds of all satiated.
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