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The Story

After really researching for the best coffee franchise that would appeal to the taste buds of the local market, we finally found our peace in Caribou Coffee, a name that now gets the affirmative nod of appreciation from all coffee lovers here.

Why Caribou?

If simply great coffees wasn’t a good enough reason, the background of the brand isn’t anything less impressive. An establishment dating back to the early 1990s, Caribou Coffee has rapidly grown to become a nationwide favorite and currently holds a proud 2nd ranking worldwide. Apart from winning dozens of competitive awards internationally, where other places only talk about social responsibility, Caribou practices what it preaches and with concrete evidences too. The 100% certification by Rainforest Alliance, a program that assures commitment not only to the environment but even people of society, fits perfectly well into our CSR programs too.
And of course, like we strive to bring the best products and services to the Sultanate, Caribou sources out the best coffee beans from across the world. Together we create the perfect coffee date.
Caribou Coffee’s dedication and passion to being the most loved coffee house spills out in their constant endeavors to bring out exclusive flavors and additions to their menu.

The Caribou Coffee Oman Story

In (year), Takamul National Company LLC embarked on its very first venture. Caribou Coffee made an impactful entrance in the Oman market with their very first outlet in the classy Bareeq A'Shatti mall. Nestled at a premier location overlooking the street, the first outlet had customers peering in, getting comfortable and becoming ‘regulars’ in no time. Venturing into the next big mall, we opened our second outlet amidst the hustle-bustle of Muscat Grand Mall. The love we received for Caribou Coffee had us dotting the map with yet more outlets. Greeting travelers with their most loved coffee, we had our third outlet at the Muscat International Airport. Spreading our wings to deliver our brews across the nation, Salalah Gardens Mall witnessed the inauguration of another premium outlet. We saw the delight in our customer’s eyes as they always raised an appreciative brow on having us at a mall closest to them. And our pursuit to serve the nation with excellent coffee didn’t stop. Barka Mall became the home to our fifth Caribou Coffee outlet. Ensuring we have our presence in all the leading mall in the capital, Caribou Coffee opened its sixth branch in Avenues Mall followed closely by Muscat City Center and the latest in Oasis Mall.
Now you know, if you’re looking for the perfect ‘coffee break’ in the middle of an extensive shopping spree, we’re just a few steps away.

The Experience

It’s not hard to locate our outlets. The sweet aroma of coffee roasted to various degree of satisfaction,delicately drifts out of our cafes allures any passer-by. Once inside, the soft music, wood lodge ambienceand warm greetings instantly makes you feel at home. All you have to do is find a cozy niche that suits you just fine and give in to the assortment of mouth-watering options that is brewed, baked or prepared with much love. Flipping through a menu filled with the most exotic coffees and coolers, teas in different colors and essences, cakes, lemon bars and other delectable salads and sandwiches, it’s not surprising it sometimes takes a while to decide. A special kid's corner, keeps the kids entertained, further providing a glimpse into the outlets attention to detail and the concern to live up to the concept of a relaxing ‘Coffee Break’. Grab a book, sip some coffee and give in to the finer things in life. Of course, it’s also a great place for a quick meeting; the wi-fi won’t ever let you down.
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