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The Story

Mirroring the Sultanate’s footsteps to become a booming economy, we have kept pace with time and evolved into one of the largest retailers in the country. We made strategic but necessaryadditions to our already well-reputed product lines and thereby reinstatedour position as a home to top-notch luxury and lifestyle brands and emerged leaders of a glorious era.

Established in 1953 for retailing house hold goods and other kitchenware, our visionforesaw the potential the market had and slowly but steadily,one product vertical was added to another.Our success came in the ability to understand, respect and adapt to the changing market and the resultant changing demands.Today, well over half a century later, Salman Stores stands tall as a major retailer of a wide assortment of products including watches, luggage, sewing machines, shoes, bags, eyewear, fashion and silver jewelry, perfumes and cosmetics.

The Experience

Radiating an aura of class, sophistication and grace, each showroom is designed to provide an exceptional shopping experience for the elite clientele. The rich interiors complement the extensive assortment of brands that speak quality. Distinct aisles dedicated to each section ensure that each product is showcased in all its brilliance. The store also has exclusive niches dedicated to top brands for the discerning buyers. With an extensive collection of lifestyle items, the best-loved perfumes, leading names in designer handbags and eyewear, our showrooms are a paradise for those looking for an assortment of the best names.

Along with that, our showrooms also have products that have been the objects of our eternal pride - the classic brands for sewing machines, kitchenware and other home appliances that have been well-renowned since decades.

All our stores are manned with a professional and efficient team of customer service representatives and we assure you of all the necessary assistance whilststill giving you the liberty to enjoy shopping in your own personal space.